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Born and raised in Italy by my mother who is a nurse, I’ve been familiar with the medical scene since an early age and I have learned all that a medical environment has to offer. The medical scene had became a fetish and inspired my move to England where I've been privileged to receive training from a highly skilled Japanese Mistress, refining skills and opening my mind. She personally bestowed the name Oyuki-san (Snow Woman) to me from Japanese folklore.


I am interested in the psychological dimension of the dynamics of submission/domination. Through the BDSM practice, which informed so much of who I am, I have been able to delve into a deeper understanding of such dimension while also acquiring the tools to explore my own darkest side. The struggles of my slaves is what I feed off of. I will forever be entranced  by the level of arousal I achieve through merely observing the devotion of my slave to such difficulties.


My sessions are built on mutual understanding and trust whilst layers of enthralling bondage will challenge you physically, leading to surrender and subjugation. I am unconventional and creative with a sadistic sense of humour and an open mind I truly enjoy controlling the encounter, delivering sensations and stimulation that reach a peak of fulfilment and bliss. I am not a stereotypical dominatrix and I do not hate men. I believe that creating an honest and genuine dynamic is far more pleasurable and exciting than any facade.

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